The Comfortable Dental Injection Technique™
WOW your patients - GROW your reputation, confidence and profit.
  • More Recommendations & 5* reviews: a constant stream of new patients
  • Increased Treatment Acceptance: because it's comfortable, which means more profit
  • Patient more relaxed: easier to treat as low anxiety
  • More enjoyable atmosphere for the team: happy patients = happy team
  • Increased Trust: more complex treatment plans which means an increase in profit
  • A sense of pride: feel great every time you give an injection
What if you got these reactions from your patients every time you gave an injection:
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What's included?
  • Included in this Package:-
  •  5 Video Training Series
  •  CDIT article: Published for Septodont
  • Infographic: The Process and the Technique of the CDIT
  • Demonstration Videos: Watch how it's done on 'Real Patients'
  • Testimonial Videos: What patients REALLY think about the CDIT
About Your Instructor
Dr. Barry J Oulton founder of The Confident Dentist Academy
As a Dentist of over 25 years, a Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Hypnotherapist & Coach, Barry has developed the Comfortable Dental Injection Technique along with Septodont, the world leader in local anaesthesia. He is also grateful for the contribution in the development of this simple technique from Dr Ian Corbett (Consultant Oral Surgeon and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Newcastle Dental Hospital), Dr Andrew Mason (senior lecturer at Dundee Dental Hospital) and Dr Donald Sloss (Past president of the BACD, award winning cosmetic dentist and an all round great bloke)
What You'll Learn In This Video Training...
Secret #1: The top 10 reasons why patients don't attend the dentist and why they do
What do you think the reasons are?
Secret #2: The physiology and psychology of pain

Both can affect the way your patients perceive you and your ability.
Secret #3: The simple CDIT which will wow your patients

Increase your patient satisfaction and referrals. Be known for being TRULY gentle
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